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Shifting Her Energy (SHE) is a pioneering feminine wellness brand dedicated to empowering women through holistic health solutions. Our meticulously crafted product line, ranging from yoni care items to oral supplements, addresses common feminine reproductive issues, enhancing overall wellness and confidence. Founded by Adrianne Monique, a resilient survivor and innovative thinker, SHE epitomizes the spirit of overcoming personal struggles and turning them into a powerful force for good.

Our Story:

The journey of SHE started as a deeply personal one. Adrianne Monique, our founder, was confronted with significant feminine health challenges in 2015 when doctors discovered cancerous cells and diagnosed her with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Amidst these daunting challenges and the devastating news that she may never conceive again, Adrianne found hope.

As she was struggling with ineffective treatments and coping with recurring vaginal odor that deeply impacted her self-confidence, Adrianne began exploring alternative solutions. She discovered yoni steaming, an ancient wellness practice that within 90 days led her to conceive her second son, proving her prognosis wrong. This miraculous experience marked a turning point in Adrianne's life.

Dissatisfied with popular products that consistently failed to deliver results, she decided to create her own vaginal wash and steams. Driven by her personal triumph and the desire to help other women facing similar struggles, Adrianne started researching herbs and natural remedies extensively.

The success of these products sparked a desire to provide holistic, effective solutions for women worldwide. This led to the birth of SHE - a brand that embodies strength, resilience, and the nurturing power of nature.

Our comprehensive product range, which includes yoni oils, washes, scrubs, oral supplements, menstrual care items, and more, has been developed with the same spirit of empowerment and care that inspired Adrianne in her own journey.

At SHE, we believe in shifting energy towards positivity, health, and self-love.


Our mission is to support women everywhere in their wellness journey, helping them regain confidence and celebrate their feminine strength. Our success is measured by the transformation and relief that we bring to our community of women, making their journeys of recovery and wellness a little less challenging and a lot more empowering.